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Policy research and analysis on state and local government budgets, taxes and spending, including Medicaid, education, pensions, and other areas:
  • Analyses of current and proposed policies
  • White papers and background reports on issues affecting state and local government finances
  • Simulations of the impact of current and proposed legislation
  • Revenue and expenditure projections
  • Analysis of large-scale economic, demographic, and administrative databases

Policy analysis tools that you or your staff can use to analyze public policies. For example:
  • Microsimulation models of how taxes, benefit programs, and other public policies affect individuals, families, or firms
  • Customized databases and database services, such as: construction of merged economic, demographic, and government administrative data files
  • Statistical matching of microdata files (sometimes known as “data fusion”) – for example, data files that link microdata from Census surveys, consumer surveys, and the Internal Revenue Service
  • Extrapolation and reweighting of microdata files to reflect economic and demographic forecasts